Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Marin countywide emissions fell 17% since 2005.

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Greenhouse Emissions Chart

The Marin Climate and Energy Partnership has developed greenhouse gas inventories for the cities and towns in Marin County.  These inventories identify and quantify the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the activities of the community and local governments.  Our inventories use the year 2005 as a baseline, and compare emissions to 2015, the most recent year for which data is available. 

Our community inventories quantify emissions from these sectors:

Residential.  The residential sector includes emissions generated by the use of electricity, natural gas and propane in our homes.

Commercial.  This sector includes emissions generated by the use of electricity and natural gas in commercial and industrial buildings.  Emissions generated by schools, governments, and public agencies are 

included in this sector. Greenhouse Gas Pie Chart

Transportation.  The transportation sector includes tailpipe emissions from passenger vehicles trips originating and ending in the jurisdiction, as well as medium and heavy-duty vehicles and buses travelling on local roads and state highways within the jurisdiction’s boundary.

Off-Road Vehicles & Equipment.  This sector includes emissions from vehicles and equipment used for construction, lawn and garden activities, and agriculture.

Waste.  This sector includes emissions generated by the decomposition of solid waste deposited in landfills. 

Water.  The water sector inventories emissions generated by the use of electricity in treating, conveying and distributing water from water sources outside the jurisdictional boundary to water users in the community.

Wastewater.  This sector includes emissions generated by the treatment of wastewater as well as electricity used by wastewater treatment plants when that plant is located outside the jurisdictional boundary.

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